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Cheats Codes Hints - PC - Windows - Shadowgrounds Cheat Codes

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You're viewing Shadowgrounds Cheat Codes

Game Name : Shadowgrounds
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2006-07-11 09:57:44
Views : 9611

Cheat mode
Press [F8] during game play to display the console window. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes, then press [F8] again to close the console window and to activate the corresponding cheat function. Press [Up] or [Down] with the console window open to move through previously entered commands:

externInclude developer:main - Enable developer debug menu and keys
externInclude developer:open_door - Open a nearby door
externInclude developer:spawn_alienattack - Aliens spawn and attack
externInclude developer:reloadstuff - Ammunition for all weapons and 100 flashlight energy
externInclude developer:givestuff - All weapons
externInclude developer:warpforward - Warp player 300 units forward on map
externInclude developer:warpmore - Warp player 3,000 units forward on map
externInclude developer:fullhealth - Full health
externInclude developer:giveallkeys - All keys for level
externInclude developer:loseallkeys - Lose all keys for level
externInclude developer:openallremotedoors - Open all remote doors
externInclude developer:closeallremotedoors - Close all remote doors
externInclude developer:immortal - God mode
externInclude developer:stuffed - God mode, full health, all weapons, ammo, upgrades
externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien1 - Spawn Alien Type 0
externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien2 - Spawn Alien Type 4
externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien3 - Spawn Alien Type 9
externInclude developer:developer_spawn_alien4 - Spawn Alien Type 11
setMissionSuccessCounter 1 - Win current mission
setMissionFailureCounter 1 - Lose current mission, crashes game
hideGUI - Hide user interface
showGUI - Show user interface
message [text] - Display message
disableAllAI - All AI disabled, doors immovable
enableAllAI - All AI enabled, doors movable
quit - Quit game
enableHostileAI - Enemies cannot move
disableHostileAI - Enemies move again

Debug menu and developer keys
Use one of the following keys after the externInclude developer:main code is enabled. Press [F2] and [F3] to move through the debug menu options. Press [F4] to select the current option.

[F5] - Warp player 300 units forward on map
[F6] - Toggle God mode
[F7] - God mode, full health, all weapons, ammo, upgrades
[F9] - Cycle camer mode
[F10] - Open Anirecorder
I - Rotate camera left
O - Rotate camera right
G - Grenade
L - Next camera angle boundary
K - Toggle unit mode
[Keypad Plus] - Zoom camera in
[Keypad Minus] - Zoom camera out
[Keypad Enter] - Zoom next camera
[Shift] + L - Multiple unit select
[Shift] + R - Multiple Unit select
[~] - Select all units

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