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Cheats Codes Hints - Game Cube - Beach Spikers Cheat Codes

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You're viewing Beach Spikers Cheat Codes

Game Name : Beach Spikers
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2002-08-10 02:02:40
Views : 16711

Daytona USA costumes
Enter "DAYTONA" as a password to unlock Uniforms 107 and 108.

Fighting Vipers costumes
Enter "FVIPERS" as a password to unlock Uniforms 109 and 110; Hair 75; and Face 51.

Space Channel 5 costumes
Enter "ARAKATA" as a password to unlock Uniforms 111, 112, and 113; Hair 76; and Face 52.

Phantasy Star Online 2 costumes
Enter "PHANTA2" as a password to unlock Uniforms 114 and 115; Hair 77; and Face 53.

Sega costumes
Enter "OHTORII" as a password to unlock Uniforms 116 and 117.

Virtua Cops costumes
Enter "JUSTICE" as a password to unlock Uniforms 105 and 106; and Sunglasses 94.

Play against Dural team
Get a overall first place ranking in world tour mode to play against the Dural team.

Bonus courts
Play world tour mode and play a match on the Pringles, Holiday Inn, Sega, or Nintendo courts to unlock that same court in arcade mode. To access them, hold R when selecting arcade mode at the main menu.

Performance meter
While the announcer is saying the round number and team names in world tour mode, hold L + R. The meter assigns points based on how well you and your partner serve, toss, spike, etc.

Completion bonuses
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Task Bonus
Complete arcade mode as Japan Uniforms 103 and 104
Complete arcade mode once Uniforms 87 and 88
Complete arcade mode two times Uniforms 90 and 91
Complete arcade mode three times Uniforms 93 and 94
Complete world tour mode Uniforms 96 through 102
Complete world tour mode Sunglasses 86 through 93
Complete world tour mode Hair 71 through 74
Complete world tour mode in first place overall Uniforms 89, 92, and 95
Defeat Dural team Face 54 and 55
Complete all tutorial mode courses Uniforms 71 through 86

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